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To our family of Sullivan Super Service customers

For more than 50 years, we’ve been serving the homes of Pittsburghers. We have been there with you to make sure your home is place of comfort. Right now, we understand that many are stressed by the coronavirus (COVID-19) presence in our neighborhoods.

Now more than ever your home serves as a comforting place in an unsettling time. As we work together to be kind and help each other in our neighborhoods, we know it’s imperative that your plumbing works correctly and your home stays at a comfortable temperature.

If you find yourself in need, please know that Sullivan Super Service is open and ready to help.

We are working to help protect our team of heroes and our customers by implementing changes in our visit to your home.

We’re staying home when we’re sick
Morning checks with our staff ensure our technician is healthy. We’re asking you to call us and cancel your appointment if you or a family member becomes ill.

We’re making our conversations safer
Step on to your porch or we can talk through your door to discuss your reason for your service call.

Extra protection
Our technicians always wear booties into your home and now we’re adding gloves to help protect our team and your family.

Extra cleaning
We’re using disinfectant wipes on our iPads and stylus after each customer use. We’re washing our hands and aren’t touching our faces.

A faster route
We’re recommending you allow us direct access to parts of your home to be serviced if possible. Have pathways cleared so we aren’t touching your possessions.

Social distancing for both our safety
Only the pertinent family members should be near or around our technician and we should limit contact as much as possible.

Our hearts go out to everyone who has been impacted by this worldwide crisis. We are proud to serve the Pittsburgh community.

Best regards,
John L. Sullivan and the Sullivan family

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